Thursday, September 14, 2017

"The Forgotten Champs: The 1944 Milwaukee Chicks Oral History Project"

In 1995, students taking an oral history course at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee embarked on a momentous venture: to tell the story of the Milwaukee Schnitts by preserving the voices of women who played for the team.

The resulting project was known as "The Forgotten Champs: The 1944 Milwaukee Chicks Oral History Project", and it is available online as part of the MINDS@UW Digital Library Services.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn about the team from first-hand sources. Now, twenty-two years later, these five women have passed away but their stories remain for all to hear.

There are five interviews, each with audio recordings and a PDF transcript.

  1. Third-baseman Vivian Anderson [Sheriffs]
  2. Center fielder Thelma "Tiby" Eisen
  3. Left-handed pitcher Viola Thompson [Griffin]
  4. Right-handed pitcher Sylvia Wronski [Straka]
  5. Second baseman/pitcher Alma Ziegler
Anderson and Wronski are particularly interesting, as they were the only two Milwaukeeans on the team.

Head over to MINDS@UW and take a listen; the women are now gone but thanks to UWM their voices are preserved forever.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bendiger Buys Tickets to See His Own Club Play

Here's a heartwarming story from July 18, 1940; the owner of the Brewers buying tickets to see his own club play a game.

It's a fine state of affairs when the president of the baseball club has to buy a ticket to see his own club play, but Henry Bendiger of the Brewers does it with a smile as he buys two tickets from Staney and Robert of St. Charles' home. St. Charles' home has taken over the Brewers' game Monday night with Toledo as a benefit. —Journal Staff
St. Charles' home is still in existence today. It was founded in 1920 as a home for teenage boys who were under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court. I wonder how much they raised at that July game?