Monday, March 16, 2009

Get yer souvenirs here

Although MLB has licensed the Milwaukee Braves quite aggressively, their minor-league predecessors have no such advocate, and so the potential to merchandise the AA Brewers has gone largely unmined. In light of the wonderful graphics used by the team, that's a shame.

There is one notable exception - Ebbets Field Flannels, an amazing company based out of Seattle. They make Turn Back the Clock uniforms for major league clubs, and sell reproductions to fans.

They currently have two Brewers products in stock:

1942 Home Jersey

Gorgeous off-white wool with classic wordmark and piping, "HEALTH" patch worn by Major and Minor League clubs in 1942.

1943 Borchert Field t-shirt

This one's a real beaut - a classic running Owgust over a view of Borchert Field. The wordmark comes from a 1943 Opening Day ticket:

Very, very cool stuff. You can buy both of them here.

Even better, Ebbets does custom flannels. They'll make any minor league flannel from any team. I can personally vouch for this - I commissioned them to make a 1931 Brewers road jersey from this photo, taken at the Brewers' spring training camp in Arkansas:

They came through with flying colors.

Simply gorgeous.

All baseball fans should be supporting Ebbets Field Flannels - they're the good guys. Not to mention that the more Brewers gear we buy from them, the more they'll offer in the future.

Then, of course, there's always this cap, from MLB's online store:

Sure, they say it's a 1953-1965 Milwaukee Braves cap. But we know better - before the Braves came to town, the Brewers wore this cap proudly. An unstructured version from Twins Enterprise is also available from time to time, but isn't on the site at the moment - I'll update when it becomes available.

I have heard that there are Milwaukee companies which may sell AA Brewers gear - if anybody's aware of one, let me know.

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