Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Mighty Milwaukee Mites"

Reprinted from the Record Makers of the American Association, 1953 edition:


Just toss over all fielding records to Milwaukee second sackers, please. And you might add other Brewer infielders to the list.

Billy Reed, dynamic little second baseman of the Brews in 1951, tied the fielding mark set by Brew Danny Murtaugh in 1947 of .988. Neither man was big, but both were mighty potent defensively.

Billy Reed at Borchert Field
While this was going on, Johnny Logan, Milwaukee shortstop, was beating another record - but good. Through all the length of the Association time, the shortstop mark (that toughest position) had stood at 22 consecutive errorless games.
Johnny Logan
Did Logan beat it? He DOUBLED IT! He went through a skein of 46 consecutive errorless contests in the shortfield. The previous mark-22, set by Frank Emmers of Minneapolis and-just to keep it in Sudsville, Wis. - Jimmy Cooney of Milwaukee. This record had stood for 24 years.

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