Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Potted History of the Orchard

This delightful one-panel illustration was printed in the Brewers' 1947 programs:

Aside from playing through some of the more memorable events at Borchert Field over the previous few decades, the graphic also told fans about the changes that were being made by Lou Perini and his Boston Braves, new owners of the club (but not, interestingly, the ballpark; the Orchard had remained in the hands of Otto Borchert's widow Idabel Borchert since his death the day before the 1927 home opener).

Most interesting, perhaps, is that the home plate was moved twenty feet to the north, farther away from the backstop. This shortened the distance from straightaway center field from 392' to 375', not to mention the power alleys.

There's so much to love here. I bet I can get a dozen articles out of the entries from the entries on this sketch. Stay tuned.

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