Monday, November 8, 2010

On the Road Again

Ebbets Field Flannels has just added a sharp new jersey to their lineup - a Milwaukee Brewers script road flannel. It's gorgeous, and it's currenly on sale to boot.

One minor point - they have it listed as a 1942 jersey, but as we've seen, the 1942 one-year-wonder road uniforms were rather unique. This particular jersey dates to 1947-1952, when the Brewers was owned by the Boston Braves and adopted their parent club's ├Žsthetic.

I have a special attachment to this offering from Ebbets Field, because I commissioned it myself as a special order. I love this jersey - it looks to me like something the Braves would have worn, had they ever been inclined to put the city name on their roads. Obviously EFF likes it as well, because it's now available as a standard order.

To facilitate my order, I sent them this scan is from a 1951 program, featuring pitchers Ernie Johnson, Charlie Gorin and Paul Burris.

For my number on the back, I chose #21 in this distinctive block, as seen in a 1947 photo:

So let's step up, Milwaukee baseball fans. If we buy Brews merchanandise, they'll make more.

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