Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1909 Brewers Revisited

This is the second team picture I've seen of the 1909 Brewers.

Our own Dennis Pajot has identified the players for the Wisconsin Historical Society:

Back row (standing): Edward Collins, left field; Shad Barry, right field; Larry Pape, pitcher; Cliff Curtis, pitcher; Frank Schneiberg, pitcher; Tom Dougherty, pitcher; Dan McGann, first base.

Middle Row (seated): Newt Randall, center field; Harry Clark, third base; John McCloskey, manager; Barry McCormick, second base; Lou Manske, pitcher; Robert Wallace, pinch hitter; Art Hostetter, catcher

Front row (on ground): Stoney McGlynn, pitcher; Clyde Robinson, shortstop; Charlie Moran, catcher

The first photo (previously discussed here) was taken in the same session, just moments earlier. Just before the dog ran away.

Photos courtesy Milwaukee Public Library

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