Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1937 Radio Appreciation Day

This sharp team photo shows us the 1937 Brewers. It was a premium for "Radio Appreciation Day" at the Orchard.

The smiling fellow in the lower-left corner is Alan Hale, the WISN's "Wheaties-Mobilgas Sports Announcer". He was known for his home run call:
"Hang on to your rocking chair, Grandma! There it goes!"
Hale was the Brewers' announcer through 1941. He was succeeded behind the Borchert Field microphone by former Brewers manager Mickey Heath and then Earl Gillespie, who was later known for calling Milwaukee Braves and Green Bay Packers games. Hale moved on to San Diego, where he called games for the Pacific Coast League's Padres.

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