Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1905 Team Photo

This is the 1905 Milwaukee Brewer squad.

Milwaukee Public Library

Dennis Pajot informs me that this photo was published in the Milwaukee Sentinel on April 23, 1905 and identifies the players as:
TOP ROW: Jay Towne, Walter Mueller, Quait Bateman, Cliff Curtis
MIDDLE ROW: Monte Beville, Tom Dougherty, Jack O'Brien, Barry McCormick, Frank Hemphill
BOTTOM ROW: Joe Cantillon, Clyde Robinsin, Harry Clark Harry McChesney, Bill "Tip" O'Neill
I love the 19th century ringed cap (known as "Chicago style"), with the little "M" on the bill.

It's a reminder that not everything old is classic, and that the sport spent the first years (or decades) of the 20th century working out the æsthetic that would finally set and come to define it.

(edited to correct player identification)

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