Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our First Look at 1948

Today, we got our first look at what tonight's 1948 throwback uniforms will look like on actual Brewers (as opposed to a Twins intern). The ever-indispensible John & Cait... Plus Nine blog on posted these photos of Yuniesky Betancourt and Jonathan Lucroy taken at Target Field.

Thanks to MLB's At Bat app, I have our first look at the Brewers' 1948 Turn Back the Clock uniforms in action. 

Unfortunately, the only clip up so far involves Kyle Lohse giving up a home run. Solo, at least. 

Looks good so far. The uniforms, at any rate. 

(Update) And, in the time it took me to post those pics, Lohse has given up three more home runs.  5-0, Minnesota. 

This is shades of the 1913 game all over again. 

I think that'll be all for tonight - I'll post a more comprehensive review tomorrow. 

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