Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Majestic 1948 Throwback Jersey Review

Following up on yesterday's review of the Brewers' 1948 throwback caps, today we're going to look at Majestic's contribution to the Turn Back the Clock event, the throwback jerseys. Specifically, a retail version customized with the number of catcher Jonathan Lucroy.

The jersey features the elegant "Brewers" script wordmark introduced in 1942 set against a cream-colored polyester. This appears to be the preferred way to replicate a sense of flannel in most cases; the Brewers' 1913 throwback uniforms used exactly the same base color.

The initial Photoshop mockups on MLB's online store were not entirely accurate. They showed, and continue to show, simple red piping on the placket and cuffs. Fortunately, the actual retail jerseys include the blue/red/blue piping of the originals, reflecting the team's association with the Boston Braves.

On the back, no name. Just simple block numbers in red trimmed with navy.

It's a beautiful design, classic baseball. But how authentic is it to the original jerseys our Brews wore in 1948?

When we compare this jersey to the vintage 1948 Walt Linden jersey, we can see exactly how well they did.

The first thing that jumps out is the zipper. A staple of the original club's jerseys (every jersey they ever wore with "Brewers" on the chest had one), it's been replaced here with Majestic's standard six-button front. The button-placket also means that the piping is slightly wider than on the original.

Majestic also decided to use set-in sleeves rather than the original's raglan. Strange, since the Brewers use raglan sleeves on all their modern jerseys.

But that's where the nitpicking ends. Other than that, it's a remarkably faithful reproduction of the original, down to the number style.

Curious that they didn't include the ever-present batterman logo found on the back collars of all modern jerseys, especially since New Era put it on the backs of the caps.

I just can't get enough of that wordmark. Amazing.

Kudos to Majestic for a job very, very well done.

These are still available on - get 'em while they're hot.

One final note on this 1948 Turn Back the Clock event; I'm still somewhat surprised that the Twins had almost no "St. Paul Saints" throwback merchandise available online. The visiting Brewers were much more well-represented. I'd like to believe that indicates a sense that Milwaukee fans are interested in their city's baseball history, but it's puzzling nonetheless.

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