Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From Ebbets Field Flannels - 1933 Brewers T-shirt

Our friends at Ebbets Field Flannels have added a new Brewers t-shirt to their offerings.

Milwaukee Brewers (AA) 1933 T-Shirt



The American Association Brewers started play in 1903, with the colorfully-named Jiggs Donahue leading the league in hitting. The club maintained a rabid fan base for half a century, until they were supplanted by the Boston Braves, who became the first MLB franchise in modern history to relocate. The Brewers name was revived in 1970 when the bankrupt Seattle Pilots moved to the Cream City.
  • American Association 
  • •Made in USA
$29.00 $21.00
It was actually 1902, but who's counting? And in any case, the shirt is very cool.

This might seem something of a wasted opportunity, using imagery from before the introduction of Owgust, the team's mascot logo. And while I still think ol' Owgust would look great on a reproduction jacket, these seemingly simple graphics have a history all their own.

Sharp-eyed readers will recognize the distinctive type: the shirt's graphics come from the team's 1933 score cards:

We looked at this card about a year and a half ago; the Brews' score cards were just about to move from a horizontal design to the magazine-style vertical one we expect to see today.

Ebbets has taken the various elements from the top of the 1933 card and re-arranged them to favor a t-shirt's more vertical design, without losing any of the original's hand-drawn charm.

(As an aside, I don't know if the good people in Seattle are readers of this blog, or if they came across the score card from another avenue, but just in case they're listening, I'm serious about that Owgust jacket!)

This 1933 Milwaukee Brewers t-shirt is on sale for $21.00. Check it out now; I've already ordered mine.

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