Saturday, March 15, 2014

Youth Soccer at the Orchard, 1929

As Major League Soccer enters the second week of its 2014 season, we take a look at youth soccer being held at Borchert Field on November 17, 1929.

Soccer Fans Have Big Day

Sunday was a gala day for followers of soccer, and a crowd of 2,000 gathered at Borchert field to see a program of three games, featuring the best players in Wisconsin. Probably the most interesting contest of the afternoon was played between the Mannheim and Hamburg teams of the City Junior league. It was a nip and tuck affair all the way with the Mannheims winning, 1-0. In the above picture one of the Mannheim youngsters is shown taking a lusty kick at the ball.
Milwaukee has a long soccer history, much of it played on the grass of the Brewers' baseball park.

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