Friday, April 11, 2014

Back in 1944 - "Until a Better Man Comes Along"

Today, we bring you a brief tale from the Brewers' Waukesha spring training camp in 1944.

Until a better man comes along, Jack Pavelecic, Chicago semipro, will handle the first base chores for the Brewers. Jack has shown promise of developing into a fancy fielder at the Brewers' Waukesha spring training camp.
What an exciting opportunity but man, that's gotta be a humbling caption.

Unfortunately for the Chicago semi-pro, the Brewers had a prospect who had come up from their Green Bay Bluejays farm club named George "Bingo" Binks, who despite wielding an unusual glove in the field was able to win the job outright.

I wish we could identify the players in the background wearing the Owgust-patch jackets. They're standing behind the movable batting cage with what appears to be the Fox River in the background.

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