Monday, August 11, 2014

Today in 1944 - "White Sox Buy Bill Nagel"


MILWAUKEE, WIS. - Bill Nagel, third baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, who is leading the American Association in runs batted in and who has hit 23 home runs this season, has been purchased by the Chicago White Sox and will report at the close of Milwaukee's season. He formerly played with the Philadelphia Athletics.
The third-sacker is wearing a classic Brewers uniform, dating back at least to 1939. It is distinctive for its dark royal blue soutache piping on the placket, cuffs and side of the jersey, set off by a red "M" on the chest. That design had been supplanted as the primary look in early 1942 by a new Veeck-designed uniform, but wasn't discarded entirely.

The photo looks to me to have been taken at Spring Training in Waukesha. Wartime transportation restrictions had forced the Brewers to move their camp closer to home.

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