Sunday, July 26, 2015

"The Brewers Take Home the Bacon", 1934

Eighty years ago today, a rather unusual promotion was held at Borchert Field. I can't do it justice, other than to let the Milwaukee Journal tell the story:

The Brewers Get Their Groceries—and Take Home the Bacon

The Milwaukee Retail Grocers' association gave every member of the Brewer baseball team a basket of groceries Wednesday as a feature of the association's "boost home ownership" day. The grocers, who turned out in some numbers to see the game, were rewarded by a 14-8 victory over the league leading Millers. The picture shows officers of the grocers' association handing out the baskets with the Brewers lined up. At the head of the line is manager Allan Sothoron; behind him Billy Sullivan, Eddie Marshall and George Rensa. At the left is Silver Lips Charlie Fichtner. On the truck are L. J. Scherrer and E. J. Mulloy, secretary of the Wisconsin Wholesale Grocers' association. John J. Backes, president of the Milwaukee Retail Grocers' association, is at the right. (Journal Staff Photo)
That looks like a parade float behind them, from which they're dispensing the groceries. Very nice.

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