Monday, November 2, 2015

The "Brewers That Were" in Kansas City, 1927

The Kansas City Royals are the 2014 World Champions. To celebrate, we offer this photo featuring members of the 1927 Kansas City Blues baseball club, which was well-stocked with former Milwaukeeans.

Brewers That Were

Milwaukee is well represented on the Kaw this season, as four former Brewers are striving to put Kansas City on the baseball map. Joe Hauser, the mainspring of the Kay See club, is a native of Milwaukee and Eddie Schaack, one of the club's leading pitchers, is also a resident of this city. Ginger Shinault and frank McGowan, the other two stalwarts shown above are also former members of the Milwaukee club. Reading from left to right, they are McGown, Schaack, Hauser, Shinault.

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