Sunday, May 15, 2016

Flying Milwaukee's Flag, Part IV: My Semifinalist

I'm honored that one of my submissions was chosen as a semifinalist in the "People's Flag of Milwaukee" design competition.

My design was among those displayed at Milwaukee City Hall last night. Here it is just inside the entrance:

The text underneath reads:
The gear symbolizes Milwaukee's industrial heritage, the gold a symbol of the brewing industry that introduced Milwaukee to the world. It is set against a split field of dark and light blue. Blue is unquestionably Milwaukee's color, used by every sports team as well as local institutions such as the Press Club and Athletic Club, and the city itself in its promotions. The two shades of blue highlight the rivers and the lake, as the heart of Milwaukee's geographic, economic and recreational life. The three triangles are a nod to Milwaukee's past; Milwaukee was founded from three settlements&mdahs;Kilbourn Town west of the Milwaukee River, Juneau Town between the river and the lake, and Walker's Point on the South Side— which joined to become the City of Milwaukee. The pennant shape adds a nautical feeling, wholly appropriate to a Great Place on a Great Lake.
I had pretty good placement, just inside the entrance and one of the first things visitors saw:

As you can see, the event attracted a big crowd.

Milwaukee's mayor, Tom Barrett, spoke before the assembly. Mayor Barrett is reportedly sympathetic to the campaign, although he has not committed to adopting or promoting the eventual winner.

We'll talk about the five finalists soon, but today I just want to bask in my little contribution to the process.

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