Friday, August 12, 2016

Milwaukee Tavern Scorecard - Spring 1942

Today we're looking at another edition of that peculiar Milwaukee institution, the tavern score card. Distributed to watering holes all over the city, they were a combination stat sheet and sports page. This one, printed before the season began, also doubled as a schedule.

The content in black ink changed over the course of the season; compare it with this card from April 27 of that year and you can see how the red template stayed the same.

The Brewers obviously have place of pride on this tavern card, with their home and road contests listed, but as the nearest big league clubs the two Chicago teams have their home schedules included.

Note the three major league teams scheduled to play exhibition games at Borchert Field: the New York Yankees on May 19, Chicago Cubs on June 8th and Brooklyn Dodgers on July 8th.

In the absence of any up-to-date news, publisher Al Cissa gives us a quick list of all the managers all around the American Association:

Charlie Grimm gets a shout-out; this was his first full year in charge with his co-owner Bill Veeck.

We also get a quick breakdown of the opening days for each club:

I love these cards as a window into the past. I wonder how they were used; extant samples indicate that many of them were folded and carried around, but I wonder if the taverns themselves ever used them as placemats? Were they hung on walls? Or were they as ephemeral as newspapers, read a couple times and casually tossed aside?

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