Friday, January 4, 2019

1937 Season Pass

This wallet-sized card, 3¾ inches wide by 2¼ inches tall, served as a season pass for 1937.

Stamped number 125, it "extends the courtesy of Borchert Field" to Sentinel Engraving. The name obviously fed into the typewriter at somewhat of an angle.

I don't know if Sentinel Engraving was a separate business, or referred to the engraving department at the Milwaukee Sentinel. But I'm struck that the line for a name includes "MR" as standard. I suppose an extra letter could have been typed to accomodate any "Mrs", but did they really extend the courtesy of Borchert Field to so few "Miss"es?

The pass is printed with the signature of Henry Bendinger, then the owner of the club. A lawyer by trade, Bendinger bought the Brewers in 1932. He restored the struggling club to a hint of its former glory, winning the American Association pennant in 1936. He can be seen in the second row in this photo of his championship club, wearing a brown suit:

Some time around 1940, Bendinger decided to sell his interest in the Brews. He approached Chicago Cubs owner Phil Wrigley to gauge his interest. Wrigley declined, but two other figures in the Cubs' administration knew a good opportunity when they saw it, and in June of 1941 Charlie Grimm and Bill Veeck took over as the new owners of the Brewers.

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