Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mystery merchandise

Horrible thought - I really hope that the new Beer Barrel Man merchandise Brewers spokesman Tyler Barnes promised in the Journal Sentinel actually features, you know, the Beer Barrel Man.
I worry because a different version of the Beer Barrel Man has turned up in recent months, as the merchandise companies discover old graphics.

I don't know much about the graphic's origins. So far as I know, he first showed up on this water transfer Flex-Cote decal, circa 1970:

The same company made similar decals for other clubs as well:

Because the images are rather generic, I always presumed that it was a knock-off. They may have been authorized, though, judging from the Yankee logo. Anybody have any more background?

Wherever it came from, the image has gained greater currency in recent months. Fingers crossed - it would figure that after years of waiting for the Beer Barrel Man to be merchandised by the club, they would choose the wrong one.

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