Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beer Here!

These pics of Borchert Field come from the amazing LIFE Magazine photo archive hosted by Google Images.

These were taken by Frank Scherschel and have been dated July 7, 1949. Click each picture for a larger, uncropped version:

I've previously written about this archive on my Packers Uniforms blog The Wearing of the Green (and Gold), but completely missed these Borchert Field photos because they don't come up in a search for "Borchert Field" or "Brewers" or "Milwaukee" or even "baseball" - they're filed under "Beer Drinking". Go figure.

Hat tip to Lance Smith on the ever-indispensable Uni Watch blog.

Couple quick reactions: there's no mistaking the Orchard's power alleys. But folding chairs? And check out those huge aisle numbers painted on the concrete.

Once again, you can see the houses just across the street, over the left field fence. Borchert was many things, first and foremost a neighborhood ballpark.

Apparently, this particular section was pretty well-served by the concessionaires:

We also get a sense of the view from the cheaper seats (at least these guys get benches):

Finally, we're treated to a nice shot of some Milwaukee baseball fans enjoying the game. Not to mention the beer.

Hey, vendor - toss me one of those High Lifes!

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