Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Day at Athletic Park, 1909

by Paul Tenpenny

Athletic Park exterior, 1909

100 years ago, photographer Sumner W. Matteson's camera captured a baseball game at Athletic Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (later to be re-named Borchert Field). One of the resulting photos was colorized and turned into a great postcard.

Postcard of Borchert Field, 1909

A good time and a few Blatz beers were enjoyed by the fans
...showing the aftermath of the game.

Close up of Val Blatz Beer case circa 1909

Recently obtained sign made from a Val Blatz case

The black and white images are courtesy of the Milwaukee Public Museum.

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  1. It blows me away that this ballpark was located on Milwaukee north side. Thus the reason why the north side must go back to its original roots