Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little Labor Day Uni Watching

We got some nice press this holiday weekend from Paul Lukas' fabulous Uni Watch site.

They've been running a series on re-designing Major League clubs, and my Brewers designs (most recently discussed here) were a major focus. That, and Uni Watch stalwart David Frost's concepts. Frosty makes handmade jerseys (he's what Lukas refers to as a "DIYer"), mostly from his own concepts but recently adapted from mine, including this beauty:

He does amazing work - I love using the "fielding Owgust" as a sleeve patch. Frosty's agreed to make a jersey of my one of my concepts for me if I can ever get up to the Fashion District to look for soutache.

Thanks to Phil Hecken and Uni Watch for the article - nice to get some notice for the site. If only we can catch the eye of someone at 1 Brewers Way....

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