Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Another Brick in the Wall (of Honor)

I missed this when it was first announced last November, but the Brewers are making upgrades to Miller Park for the 2010 season, including this one which should interest my fellow students of Milwaukee baseball history:
The Brewers also will be redoing the Milwaukee Braves Wall of Honor, located on the third-base side of the Field Level concourse. The area will be upgraded with new plaques, artwork, lighting and photo banners.
The rendering is gorgeous:

I think it's outstanding that the Brewers continue to acknowledge the city's rich baseball past. Now if we can just get them to keep looking backwards through that past, beyond 1953.

If this blog accomplishes nothing else, I'd like it to raise awareness of the Braves' predecessors. So if the revamped Milwaukee Braves Wall of Honor is Miller Park's new addition for 2010, perhaps I could make a small suggestion for 2011?

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