Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Step in the Right Direction

Well, at last the Brewers are starting to come around. Introduced today is the new Brewers road alternate jersey, with "Milwaukee" across the chest:

It is also available in replica and personalized replica versions.

We called for this a year ago:

Well done, Mr. Attanasio & Company. Now we just need to get the Beer Barrel Man patch on the sleeves.

(h/t: Johnny O)


  1. Thanks for the tip of the hat Chance. It is indeed a step in the right direction. I received an e-mail today from Jill Aronoff, the lady at the Brewers I have been speaking with for a few years about this, and she told me I should look at the updates at the online store. How cool is that? I mean would the Yankees organization e-mail a random uni-nerd who they have been speaking with for a few year, and tip them off to a uni change? That would be awesome if the admitted that myself, or you, or someone else was the reason for doing this, but I don't think we will get that any time soon. Great first step, but let's put it on the gray alt. and get that barrel man patch on it.

    - Johnny O

  2. Why stop there? ;)

    You're welcome. Thanks again for the heads-up. And get to work on those other things!