Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1945 Opening Day Ticket Stub

The lucky bearer of this ticket got to see the Brews open their 1945 season (defending their 1944 American Association pennant) at Borchert Field for a mere $1.40 (including twenty-three cents federal tax).

The running Owgust icon was a staple of the Brews in the early 1940s. Adapting iconography from newspaper cartoons dating back to the beginning of the century, the Brewers introduced this version of the character who rapidly became the club's symbol.

The basic template of this ticket went back at least three seasons, as seen by this 1943 printer's proof:

$1.40 in 1945 dollars had the same buying power as $17.60 does in 2011. Not a bad deal to watch a pretty good club.

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