Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back, In Blue, Part II

Here it is - the second American League Milwaukee Brewers prototype uniform, as unveiled to the press on April 1, 1970.

AP photo
NICE UNIFORM—Judy Deters of Milwaukee modeled the uniform the new Milwaukee Brewers will wear when they open the season Tuesday against the California Angels at County Stadium.
Last year, we talked about the new American League Brewers' prototype uniforms, on display during 1970's Spring Training.

For unknown reasons, this uniform never made it into production. By the time Opening Day rolled around, the Brewers were decked out in a slightly-modified version of the Seattle Pilots distinctive flannels:

I wrote at the time that there was a second Brewers prototype, referred to in newspaper accounts but not pictured. Descriptions were found in an AP article on the new Brewers (from the St. Petersburg Times):

And this Mar 28, 1970 article from the Los Angeles Times:

Interestingly, the model's name is spelled differently in different papers; the (Dubuque, Iowa) Telegraph-Herald identified her as Judith Peters.

(h/t: DW, Uni Watch)

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  1. Great stuff! Maybe we can get the Brewers to adopt the old-style in the near future!