Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Glimpse of the Brews' 1927 Uniforms

This 1927 clipping from the Milwaukee Sentinel gives us a rare look at Brewer uniforms from the period.


It didn't look important at the time but had Griffin made his steal of home in the first inning the Brewers would have won in regulation time. In the top panel Ivy is shown at the plate. Another bum break came in the tenth when Orwoll was nailed at third on Riconda's bunt, the picture below showing Yoter looking up for the umpire's decision.
The Sentinel was mostly concerned with the two plays—one at third, one at the plate—that cost the Brews the game, but eighty-five years later I'm more intrigued by our peek at the Brewers' home whites.

Those uniforms are simple enough; navy piping with a navy blue block "M" on the chest. This look (sometimes with all-blue accents and sometimes in blue and red) defined the Brewers for decades; they wore a variation on this uniform from the franchise's early days until Bill Veeck bought the team in 1941 and put his unique stamp on them.

The black arm bands mourn the passing of team president Otto Borchert, who died suddenly on the eve of the season.

Even more rare is a good look at the back of the uniforms. Those numbers are almost comically small.

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