Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Modern Look at Owgust

Brendan Tobin

This modern interpretation of Owgust, the Brewers' original beer barrel man, comes from the pen of artist Brendan Tobin, who drew it in 2008. The wordmark was used by the Brews in the mid-1940s.

Tobin describes his work this way:
Here's a pic of the old mascot for the Milwaukee Brewers: The Beer Barrel Man! Heading west for the Tobin reunion at my cousin Mike's place up there and, if I gots the time, I'd like to print this out for him. I know he digs the baseball, but don't know if he supports his local team. In any case, the mascot is a beer keg and that's pretty easy to get behind.

This is why I love mascot logos. Clever, whimsical and, in the hands of talented artists, extremely versatile. Check out more of Tobin's amazing work on his blog.

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