Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Beer Here!

Google has posted eight new pictures of Borchert Field in its LIFE Magazine photo archive series on "Beer Drinking". Like the earlier photos, they were taken by Frank Scherschel and are dated July 7, 1949.

Most of the new shots are just slightly different looks, taken a second before or after photos we have seen before (if you haven't seen the earlier photos, you may wish to check them out first), but there are some new gems in this batch. This is the single best resource I've found to date for appreciating what attending a game at Borchert Field was really like in the late 1940s.

First up, we have two more shots of this jolly vendor, selling Miller High Life to thirsty fans sitting along the first baseline.

And two more of his colleagues, joining him in the same section:

You can practically hear the vendors' call.

Then we see this couple again, taking in the ballgame with a pair of cold brews:

Interestingly, based on the High Life label on that bottle, the earlier photo of them was flipped.

Next up are the entirely new views of Borchert Field. From what we can tell, the uncovered stands had metal folding chairs, but patrons in some of the covered sections sat on long benches:

And there were also sections with proper stadium seats.

I love the baseball/bat/glove design on the cast-iron row ends.

I've never seen a shot of those before. Wonder if any of the seats survived the 1952/1953 demolition, and where they might be today?


  1. My god these photos are so expressly priceless, they totally bring home the atmosphere from a time when my parents were newlyweds and the game of baseball still had a modicum of innocence to it. Beer and baseball never looked so good...unless of course it happened to be me with a cold one in the stands! And I want one of those chairs with the decorative ironwork!!!!

  2. They're gorgeous, aren't they? I'm sure they were salvaged from the park when it was demolished, now that we know what to look for.