Thursday, April 11, 2013

Party Like It's 1913!

After speaking with the Brewers, I can finally confirm that the Brew Crew will be holding a Turn Back the Clock event in May, featuring 1913 uniforms to honor the Brewers' first pennant!

The club had already announced a bobblehead of Corey Hart wearing the 1913 uniform, to be given to all fans at the May 5th game against the Cardinals. What they hadn't announced at the time, but we can confirm here, is that the Brewers and Cardinals will both be wearing throwback uniforms that day.

The Brewers haven't yet unveiled the actual uniforms, but the bobblehead gives us a good idea of what they'll look like.

I'm proud to say that I had a part in this event. I've pitched American Association Brewers throwback games before, most notably for the centenary in 2002, but the club was never all that keen on the idea. This past summer, I mentioned the idea (and the 1913 anniversary) to writer Doug Russell when he interviewed me for the site, and he was kind enough to put me in touch with his contacts at 1 Brewers Way. This time, the Brewers were very interested in hearing my pitch, and once they agreed I supplied them with research material on the 1913 Brews.

The Brewers based their TBTC uniform on this 1913 Milwaukee Brewers Jersey, from the collection of our very own Paul Tenpenny:

They will, of course, be making some concessions to modern uniform innovations, synthetic fabrics and numbers on the back among them. But I have hopes that they'll be able to capture the essential style of the originals.

The 1913 Brewers, of course, were the first to bring a pennant home to Borchert Field (then known as Athletic Park). Here they are, pictured right before clinching that pennant.

After taking the Association crown, the Brewers defeating the Western League's Denver Grizzlies in a post-season interleague series to claim the title of minor league champions.

The Cardinals will be in on the fun as well, wearing a re-creation of their 1913 road uniforms.

This is the third time the Brewers have honored their namesake predecessors in Turn Back the Clock events. The first, in 1993, hearkened back to a 1920s-inspired design (if not a design the Brews actually wore in the 1920s). The second, in 1996, was a throwback to 1946.

Tickets for this game are now available. I've been waiting for this for years. How could I miss it? I'm flying from Brooklyn to Milwaukee for the weekend to attend the game with two of my kids. Together we'll cheer on "our Brews" and hope for a little but of that '13 luck!

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