Saturday, August 10, 2013

Johnny Logan's Road Grays, c. 1948

The Journal Sentinel has a great obituary for Johnny Logan today. It includes a photo gallery of his baseball career. Obviously the focus is on the Braves, but the first photo features Johnny in his Brewer uniform.

The photo is captioned "Shortstop Johnny Logan in his Milwaukee Braves uniform in 1955, the year he led National League in doubles", but that's not correct. The cap logo is all wrong for the Braves - too narrow - and unlike the Brews the Braves never wore "Milwaukee" on their road flannels.

I believe this is 1948, Logan's first season in Milwaukee, but it could be 1949. By 1950 the Brewers had adopted the wider "M" that the Braves would later borrow and make famous.

Nice to see the Brews represented here, even if unintentionally.

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