Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brewers Uniform Concept - Brent Hatfield

Today we're looking at another concept uniform for the National League Brewers, this one by Brent Hatfield. It was featured on Uni Watch a few weeks ago.

Hatfield's proposal is similar to the one we looked at previously in its use of American Association Brewer iconography, but takes it in an entirely new direction, merging disparate eras in Milwaukee baseball history.

He describes the concept this way:
About a year ago I had sent concepts involving a Bernie the Brewer hat, well a year later I have recreated these bad boys using an updated version of the American Association Brewers Barrelman logo.
Great work. Let's take a look at the elements.

Overall, I love the color scheme. And the piping reminds me of the Brewers' early 1970s jerseys, which is never a bad thing.

The home jerseys are off-white, appropriate for the Cream City. Owgust on the sleeve? I love it.

That's the 1950s version of Owgust, a good choice.

The road jerseys are standard gray, with the same piping and city name. Really, that ought to be required for pro teams.

We also have two alternates, blue for home and gold for the road.

I've long loved gold and gray together, and athletic gold is a much more vibrant color than the mustard gold the Brewers use on their alternate now. That would look great on the road.

Now, the caps.

The "Scowling Owgust" head is based on the work of Brandon Toobin. I think it fits much better than the standard Barrelman head found on the YOUniform caps.

I wouldn't want to lose an "M" entirely, as the city name should be an essential part of any baseball uniform. But any of these would work as an alternate, especially the top two.

The real gem, however, is Hatfield's mash-up of Owgust and the ball-and-glove logo.


I'm pleased that so many find inspiration in the original club when creating concepts for the National League Brewers. So what say you, Milwaukee baseball fans? Would you like to see these at Miller Park?

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