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1928 Brewers Pocket Schedule

"1928 Brewers Schedule"
by Paul Tenpenny
Copyright 2013 Tencentzports
Printed with permission of the Author

The 1928 Milwaukee Brews under Jack Lelivelt managed to finish the season in 3rd place with a 90-78 record.

The hard hitting team was led by outfielders Bunny Brief and Bevo LeBourveau with .309 and .399 averages respectively, while infielders Ivy Griffin, Otis Miller, Harry Strohm batted .325, .314 and .323 for the season. Catcher Bob McMenemy anchored the catching corps with a .341 average while pitcher Ernie Wingard hit .331 in 80 appearances along with leading the mound men with a league leading 24 wins.

This recently acquired 1928 schedule is a great find for a number of reasons. Early schedules like these are seldom seen, but one showing a uniform of the day is a research coup for us.

The Library reference just brings a huge smile to my face. Milwaukee is blessed with a wonderful library system. The Milwaukee Public Library has been a huge help in the research done by contributors. They have partnered with us, assisting with microfilm, providing display space for collections and allowing the local SABR chapter to do presentations. Most importantly, they have given us access to collections that normally would not be seen by the general public.

A case in point was allowing me to go through the very brittle 1913 Newspapers for my research on the 1913 jersey in my collection, without which I could not have been so certain of my authentication and the Milwaukee Brewers using its design for this year's Turn Back The Clock game.

Chance Michaels loves this one too because his mother happens to be a retired librarian.

I must agree with Milwaukee Brewer Outfielder Lance Richbourg (1924-26), "There is no friend like a book."

Lance swung a big bat while with the Brews, as his batting averages show us:
1924 .321
1925 .312
1926 .346
The inside panel shows both the Home and Away schedule:

The Outside panel includes a suggested reading list.

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