Saturday, November 2, 2013

"To The Brim" - Reproduction 1905 Brewers Cap

A wonderful new surprise from our friends at Ebbets Field Flannels - a reproduction of the Brewers' 1905 cap.
Milwaukee Brewers (AA) 1905 Ballcap



This hat is indeed a rarity: The only time we have seen the lettering go on the visor instead of the crown. Are you listening, current MLB teams? A new trend awaits.
  • American Association 
  • Horse hair buckram crown 
  • Satin taping 
  • Felt emblem 
  • Cotton sweatband 
  • Pillbox 
All Ebbets Field Flannels authentic ballcaps are made in the USA.

Outstanding. I've already ordered mine.

We've talked about this cap before, when looking at a 1905 team photo:

Milwaukee Public Library

1911 Spalding catalogue (Chicago Style top left)
The old-fashioned ringed pillbox cap was known at the time as "Chicago style".

Ebbets Field is right - the little "M" on the bill is very unique.  Keep in mind that this was long before cap logos themselves were commonplace, much less had a proscribed location on the cap. Center-front of the crown seems logical to us, but it took some experimentation before that was really established.

This was a sadly short-lived style for the Brewers, who soon returned to the jockey-style or "New York Style" caps that evolved into today's modern lids. Still, this is an opportunity for you to celebrate that style.

For a limited time, this cap is available for the introductory price of $32.00 - order yours today!

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