Monday, January 13, 2014

Could the Brews Return in 2014?

The Brewers don't have any plans to hold another Turn Back the Clock event this season to honor the Brews (although 1914 and 1944 were both championship seasons). There is still a chance that our American Association Brewers might still make an appearance on a major league diamond, but if so it'll be a diamond ninety miles south of Borchert Field's old location.

This summer, the Chicago Cubs will be celebrating the 100th birthday of their ballpark, Wrigley Field with a series of special events. One of those events might hold the key to seeing the old Brewers in action (throwback games are scheduled, outfitted and managed by the home team).

This tidbit recently appeared on the Cubs' site, as beat reporter Carrie Muskat fielded questions from Chicago fans:
Will the Cubs ever change their look, even just a little? They need new uniforms. It's time for a change. -- Lisa M.

You will see some new looks this year as part of the Wrigley Field 100th anniversary celebration. The Cubs have partnered with Majestic Athletic to recreate throwback uniforms from significant events at the ballpark during each decade of Wrigley's history. The first is a copy of the 1914 Chicago Federals uniform, which will be worn on the 100th birthday game, April 23 against the D-backs. The remaining uniforms will be worn on a "Throwback Sunday" game for the corresponding decade. Visiting teams also will wear retro uniforms on those games.
Ah-ha. Interesting.

What we don't know is if every Sunday game at Wrigley will be designated a "Throwback Sunday" game, or if it will be limited to select days. But these are the teams scheduled to play in Chicago on Sundays during 2014:
  Sun, 4/6
Sun, 4/20
Sun, 5/4
Sun, 5/18
Sun, 6/8
Sun, 6/22
Sun, 6/29
Sun, 7/13
Sun, 7/27
Sun, 8/10
Sun, 8/24
Sun, 9/7
Sun, 9/21
If the 4/23 game will be the first Turn Back the Clock game, that rules out the Phillies game on April 6th and the Reds game on April 20th. But the Brewers will visit Wrigley less than a month later, indicating that throwbacks might indeed be on the schedule.

So if the Brewers are indeed to be the opponents in a game honoring "each decade of Wrigley's history", what might we expect to see? The odds seem good that they'd reach back into the American Association days. Those Brewers played exhibition games at Wrigley Field in the 1940s—in the days of manager Charlie Grimm and owner Bill Veeck, the two clubs were closely related—so that's a strong possibility.

This is mere speculation on my part, but it's fun to guess. I'll keep following the announcements and will let you know once any such game has been announced.

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