Friday, January 17, 2014

Cubs Throw Back to 1937! Will the Brewers Follow Suit?

Just minutes ago, the Cubs unveiled the series of throwback uniforms they will be wearing next season for Wrigley Field's 100th Anniversary.

Here's the jersey they will wear on Sunday, May 18th, against the Milwaukee Brewers:

It's an excellent represenation of their 1937 uniform:

And, not incidentally, superior to their current cluttered mess.

So where would that leave the Brewers? Presuming that they will wear throwbacks of a similar vintage (which was the rumor I heard several months ago), they could be wearing something like this:

I believe those are indeed the road uniforms in the Radio Day promotional photo - contrast the relatively dark flannels with team president Louis Nahin's white shirt top row center.

Information on the Brews' uniform history is spotty, aside from what I've been able to piece together (I know, I'm working on it).

This photo, at right, of local phenom Ken Keltner (from the collection of Paul Tenpenny) was taken in Spring Training of 1937, but reflects what I believe was the 1936 road uniform. It wasn't unusual for the team to receive new uniforms right before Opening Day, presumably so they looked their best for the first home game.

In any case, this could be an exciting time for fans of the Brews. I'll keep my ear to the ground and let you know as soon as I get any new information....

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  1. Love the post, love the idea! Hadn't heard the Cubs might do this, so thanks Chance! Best website on the internet, right here!