Thursday, October 15, 2015

1948 Capital Airlines Pocket Schedule

This 1948 Milwaukee Brewers pocket schedule was printed up by Capital Airlines to promote their service in and out of Milwaukee.

On the front, a generic if stylish view of a gentleman picking up his tickets from the counter. Remember when air travel was glamorous and adventuresome? Me neither.

"Serving Air-Minded America for Over 20 Years" refers to Capital's founding in Pittsburgh in 1936 as Pennsylvania Central Airlines. They re-branded to Capital the year this schedule had printed.

The reverse lists all the Brewers contests at Borchert Field.

It might have been fun for an airline to produce a schedule of road games, which fans might fly to see. But a list of home games is probably more practical for fans in Milwaukee.

Compare it with this 1948 schedule, printed by the Brewers themselves.

These schedules were printed up for many of the pro teams in cities served by Capital, such as the Baltimore Colts of the All-America Football Conference.

At the time, Capital was an eastern-based airline as seen in this 1952 route map:

Not many American Association cities on there, although the Brewers could fly Capital for their road trips to Minneapolis, St. Paul or Toledo.

Capital Airlines merged into United Airlines in 1961.

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