Sunday, September 22, 2013

1948 Pocket Schedule

Time for another pocket schedule, this time from 1948.

On the cover, your '47 Milwaukee Brewers, with manager Nick Cullop front and center. Those Brewers won the Little World Series in 1947 (but not the American Association pennant, in a quirk of the league's rules), and big things were expected of them this year.

As far as I know, 1948 was the first season the Brews used that italicized version of the script wordmark introduced in 1942. It would appear on subsequent schedules and team publications, but never the uniforms themselves.

The inside holds the schedule of games. Although this copy has significant paper loss, all the text is still there. Note the absence of any announced exhibitions with major league clubs, formerly a regular event at Borchert Field (plus a new foil label for Miller High Life!).

On the back, play-by-play man and former Brewer first baseman, coach and manager Mickey Heath. Heath had provided radio broadcasts of Brewer games since 1940, and was still going strong.

Look at those prices - Box seats were only $1.50 or $.90 for kids under 12 (the equivalent of $14.56 and $8.73 in 2013 dollars, respectively). Grandstand seats were $1.00/$.40 ($9.70/$3.88), and a bleacher ticket would only set you back $0.60/$0.40 ($5.82/$3.88). What a deal.

Milwaukee fans saw some pretty good ball for that money, as the Brewers went 89-65 on the season. That was good enough for second place, eleven games behind the white-hot Indianapolis Indians, who won 100 games.

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