Friday, February 23, 2018

"Rookies and Regulars" at Hot Springs, 1933

This interesting team photo was taken as the Brewers were in Spring Training at their Hot Springs, Arkansas camp.

THAT LANGUOROUS SUNSHINE AT HOT SPRINGS. Rookies and regulars snapped on the bench before the start of the daily workout.
This was part of a series of photos taken at the spring training camp by shutterbug Frank Scherschel and published in the Milwaukee Journal on Sunday, April 16, 1933.

The Brewers had just opened the season at Louisville with a series against the Colonels, and were nearly two weeks' away from their April 27th home opener. The Journal gave its readers one last look back on Spring Training with a full-page spread of Scherschel's photos in the back of the paper.

Let's hope some of the other photos surface - there are some great shots here, too good to be lost to bad Xeroxing.

Our photo is interesting for its casual nature. Taken from an angle, as the players are focused on another camera (a professional brought in by the club? A local Hot Springs journalist?).

There's also an interesting mix of uniforms, plain and pinstriped.

The pinstripes could be the Brewers' 1931 road uniforms. I'm reluctant to read too much into colors in these photos, as many factors from exposure to film stock can influence the sepia tones, but it looks as though the caps of those two uniforms might be different. Or it could just be the light.

I'm intrigued by the gentleman standing in the back; at first glance I thought he might be longtime Brewers trainer Harry E. "Doc" Bruckner, who had been with the Brewers since 1920. But that doesn't look like Doc.

Need to do more research.

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