Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Day at Athletic Park

This photograph taken by Sumner W. Matteson in the early days of the 20th Century shows patrons on their way into Athletic Park.

It could well have been taken on the same day as his 1909 photograph, later reprinted as a postcard.

The advertisements along the ballpark's outer walls appear to be the same as our photograph.

The open areas at the top of the wall are the back of the grandstand area. They were later covered with louvered shutters, as seen in this photo from 1952.

Back to the Matteson photo, the distinctive, octagonal ticket kiosk seen here would remain at Borchert Field at least through the 1930s.

25¢ for bleacher tickets? I'll take one.

And, of course, we have line after line of men and boys in hats, waiting to enter the park. And more than one woman, in the full fashion of the day.

Borchert Field hosted "Ladies' Days" back to the 19th Century. Good to see them on a regular afternoon.

Finally, this look across the street fascinates me. Truly, the Orchard was a neighborhood ballpark. And those cars!

Matteson's photo gives us a rare look at the Orchard, as it appeared around a hundred and ten years ago.

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