Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Modest Proposal for 2019, Part III: Capping It Off

We've looked at my modest proposal for a "Turn Back the Clock" event honoring the 1944 Milwaukee Chicks on their anniversary. we've discussed the potential uniforms. now let's top it off, if you will, with a look at their caps.

Let's start with the pictures we've seen of Sylvia Wronski and Vivian Anderson:

These are the best views I've seen so far. Dark crown, lighter brim and button. Sans-serif M in a light circle with two borders. That motif seems to have been a common one in the early AAGPBL, as seen in this display from the National Baseball Hall of Fame:

Photo credit: Flickr user NJ Baseball

That's the Fort Wayne Daisies in gold and Peoria Redwings in red, both with the initial/circle/borders pattern.

Back to the Chicks, the general consensus is that their cap's crown was black, the brim and button red. I don't know how that was decided, what references were used. The circle appears to be a lighter color than the brim, but that could possibly be chalked up to either photographic exposure or different materials.

K & P Weaver's interpretation of this cap encloses the M in a red circle.

That doesn't look quite right to me. The erstwhile Cooperstown Baseball Cap Company made a reproduction with a circle of athletic gold.

I believe that's the cap Vivian (Anderson) Sheriffs was wearing when she was photographed at an AAGPBL event shortly before her death in 2012. Looking at a picture of her in uniform, you can see how inaccurate the CBCC cap really is.

The colors look like they could be correct; the gold would visually set itself apart from the red brim. But the M is all wrong, too thick and narrow. The circle is missing its two outlines, one dark and the next light.

Here's my best interpretation of the authentic cap logo:

So, if we are successful, and the Brewers do agree to hold a Turn Back the Clock event at Miller Park next year, we might see them take the field wearing something like this:

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