Saturday, February 2, 2019

Happy, Happy Day!

Today we celebrate a decade of I don't really know how to introduce this particular announcement, so I'm just going to leave this tweet here.

Humbled by the honor. Thank you, Mr. Mayor. Thank you all.

And yes, this is indeed the 10th Anniversary of this here website thingy. It was ten years ago today that I posted my very first entry.

My name is Chance Michaels. I am a baseball historian who has been interested in obsessed with the old minor league Brewers ever since I discovered the Wauwatosa Public Library's microfiche machine and their stash of old Journal and Sentinel back issues. I was fascinated by the realization that Milwaukee already had a storied baseball history by the time the Braves came to town.

To that end, I am officially launching this online museum to the Milwaukee Brewers of the American Association, 1902-1952. Because Milwaukee's first ballgame wasn't in 1953.

I hope to meet others who are also interested in the previous incarnation of the Milwaukee Brewers. I hope to share my knowledge, and to learn from you in return.

So, please take a look around. It may take us a while to build this museum together, but I am confident that it will be something special when we do.
And it is. It really, really is.

I have met so many good friends writing this site. I have learned so much, and shared so many good times. Thank you for all your support over this past decade, and I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do in decades yet to come.

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