Tuesday, July 2, 2019

On This Day - the Schnitts Go Over .500

During this summer of 2019, have been following the Milwaukee Chicks 1944 season as it unfolded seventy-five years ago. And on this day in 1944, the Chicks won two games.

While that may seem relatively inconsequential in the context of a long All-American Girls Professional Ball League baseball season, it had special resonance for our team, as it pulled them up to a winning record for the first time.

Schnitts Win Two Games

Victories Boost Season Record over .500 for First Time

The Schnitts chalked up two victories over Minneapolis Sunday afternoon at Borchert field, 9-0, in seven innings, and 12-6 in nine, and finally got over the .500 mark in games won and lost, overcoming the season's poor start. Milwaukee has won 20 games and lost 19. Doris Tetzlaff's home run with the bases full was the big hit of the second game, in which 15 walks, 5 wild pitches, 12 stolen bases and 7 hits contributed to the Schnitts' total.

Viola Thompson's southpaw pitching held Minneapolis to five hits in the first game, while the Schnitts pounded Annabelle Lee for 12 and stole six bases.

Crazy. At least you can't say the games weren't exciting.

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