Thursday, September 19, 2013

1926 Milwaukee Badgers team photo

Here they are, the Milwaukee Badgers in their final season, posing before Borchert Field's grandstand in 1926.

Photograph courtesy of Dr. Kit Neacy, DDS

Milwaukee had its very own National Football League team from 1922 through 1926. The city was promised another NFL franchise for the 1931 season, but the selected new owner couldn't fund the club and the opportunity passed. There might have been another, but in 1933 the Green Bay Packers played their first Milwaukee game at Borchert Field, and from then on the entire state was Packer territory.

Don't forget the Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear is hosting a lecture on the Badgers tonight at 6pm.

Michael D. Benter, author of the new book The Badgers: Milwaukee's NFL Entry of 1922-1926, will be speaking on the history of the team. Benter is also the author of The Green and Gold Glory Years Quiz Book (on the Lombardi-Era Packers) and Roll Out The Barrels: The Brewers of Eastern Dodge County.

Tickets are $3 for the General Public, $2 with Student ID. Attendees are asked to register in advance.

The museum is located at 839 North 11th Street in Milwaukee, a little over 2 miles due south of where Borchert Field once stood.

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