Friday, May 16, 2014

1937, "Their New Home Uniforms of White"

Well, we still don't know what the Brewers' throwback "1937-inspired" road uniforms will look like, but here's a good view of the home uniforms that were introduced that season. This picture was published in the Milwaukee Journal on April 15, 1937, the day of their home opener:

Brewers' Opening Day Battery Gets Acquainted

ALL dressed up in their brand new home uniforms of white, Bill Brenzel (left) and AL Milnar, new southpaw pitcher, posed for this opening day battery picture at Borchert field Thursday. Milnar, who arrived here Wednesday night, has been training with the Cleveland Indians. He will pitch against St. Paul Friday afternoon.
We've seen this jersey before, solid white with what appears to be navy piping. That was, as the caption states, new for 1937; in their pennant-winning 1936 season they wore uniforms with red and blue trim.

We'll see what Major League Baseball has to say about the 1937 Brews this weekend. 

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