Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1937 Throwbacks Confirmed! Sort Of.

The Chicago Cubs have officially announced what we've suspected for months (and which I first heard rumblings about last November): the Milwaukee Brewers will indeed be wearing 1937 throwbacks for their Turn Back the Clock game at Wrigley Field this Sunday.

This little tidbit appeared on the Cubs' site today:
Throwback Uniforms:

On Sunday, May 18, the Cubs will wear a throwback uniform from 1937, the year during which Wrigley Field's iconic scoreboard was installed and the ivy was planted on the newly-constructed bleacher wall. The 1937 jersey features a zip-up front and the uniform marks the first year the team switched from a navy blue to a royal blue color on its uniforms.

The visiting Milwaukee Brewers will wear a 1937-inspired retro uniform as well.
Okay. That's confirmation. Maybe. No pictures yet, no details.

If only we knew what "a 1937-inspired retro uniform" meant. Do they mean a modern cut, or do they mean that the uniform itself isn't really faithful to the Brewers' original 1937 togs? I laid out some possibles in my earlier post, but perhaps they're doing something entirely different, like the "1920s-ish but not actually what the Brewers wore in the 1920s" throwbacks from 1993.

We'll have to wait and see.

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