Friday, May 2, 2014

Back in 1944: Bill Veeck Returns to Borchert Field

...Well, kind of. The Brewer boss was still serving his country in the South Pacific, but the men he left behind were ensuring that he wasn't forgotten.

When the Brewers come home next Saturday, fans who go to the games at Borchert field will see President Bill Veeck as big as life. An enlarged photograph has been placed over the grandstand entrance. The picture shows Ed Kretlow, groundskeeper, putting it up before the team left last week, with General Manager Rudy Schaffer holding the ladder and Manager Charley Grimm supervising the job. The picture was taken at the railroad station when Veeck waved farewelll as he left to become a marine. He is in the south Pacific now.
I love this photo, not only for how the Brewers were remembering Veeck but also the rare glimpse at the interior of Borchert Field itself.

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