Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Filling Up on Oranges", 1936

As the 1936 baseball season approached, eager Milwaukee baseball fans could turn to the Sunday edition of the Milwaukee Journal to see what their Brewers were up to, and to get a peek into Spring Training with a nice color photo.

This picture was published in the Journal eighty years ago yesterday, on Sunday, April 5, 1936. It shows the Brewers having a little fun at their Spring Training camp.

THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS are in Florida this year and they are taking advantage of their opportunities by filling up on oranges. This picture shows a group of regulars with Sam Levy (in civilian clothes), Journal baseball expert, in the Waverly orchard near Lake Wales, where the training camp is situated. The American association season starts next Sunday, with the Brewers meeting Louisville in the Kentucky city. —Journal Color Photo by Frank J. Scherschel
Good to see the boys weren't all taking themselves so seriously.

The Journal's color photo section continues to be an amazing window into Milwaukee Brewers history. Even the photos we can only access through library archives, photocopied and scanned and stripped of their color, carry a unique power. I only hope an original turns up one day.

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