Friday, April 22, 2016

More Goodness from MoonlightWraps

A few months ago, we talked about Brewers wall hangings from a company named MoonlightWraps.


At the end of that entry, I speculated that there were a ton of Brewers material they could use as inspiration for future products, including the club's 1943 programs. And sure enough, look what they've added to their roster:

This is one of my favorite covers, and they've done a great job replicating it on canvas.


They've also added the 1951 cover showing manager Charlie Grimm dressed as Owgust, the Beer Barrel Man.

Again, it's a very faithful reproduction of the original.


So now we have four classic Milwaukee Brewers programs re-created as canvas wall hangings. Check them out, along with the rest of MoonlightWrap's offerings, at their shop.

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